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Concert FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have a question not addressed in this FAQ, how do I reach someone to get an answer?
You can call us at 330-325-0647, or, you can email us anytime at

Ticket Purchase FAQ's:

Q. How can I purchase tickets?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.  When checking out, enter all of your information, including the correct email address for delivery of your tickets and then hit the "Confirm Order" button and wait for the confirmation screen. Please write down your receipt number before closing the confirmation window. You can also purchase tickets in our club, during normal business hours.

Q. I did not receive an email confirmation after my purchase.
You should immediately receive an email (Thundertix) and email plus text message (Tixoola), after your purchase goes through, to the email address you provided. Please check your spam and junk mail boxes, , if you do not see it in your email inbox. If you need further help, email us at (You will either print the tickets from your email or bring the digital copy, on your phone, to the door the night of the concert.)

Q. How will I receive my tickets? How long does it usually take to ship my tickets?
Your tickets will be emailed immediately, directly to the email address you provided when you purchased your tickets.  Please check your email inbox and also your spam too, for an email.

Q. I recently bought tickets to a concert and my email address was wrong, what should I do?
Send an email to  Please give your name, incorrect email address, correct email address, name, address, and phone number.  We will confirm your information and, if necessary, reissue your digital tickets. 

Q. My tickets have not arrived where are they?
Tickets are emailed to the email address you provided, upon completion of your purchase.  If they have not arrived in 1 business day please email us at or call 330-325-0647

Q. How do I get into the concert, after I purchase tickets and receive them in my email?
Please bring your valid driver's license or state issued ID, and either print your emailed tickets or have your ticket email ready, on your phone, when you arrive at the door the night of the show.

Q.Are you handicapped accessible?
For specific questions or to make handicap arrangements please call the club 330-325-0647 .

Q.Can I transfer my tickets/tickets purchased via third party?
A. Yes, the person just needs the physical ticket either emailed to them or the paper copy. However, buyer beware, we can not guarentee 3rd party tickets, or tickets not presented by the orgiinal owner/purchaser. The Dusty Armadillo does NOT endorse using ANY secondary ticketing sources (ie. “scalpers”, online or in person). Our box office cannot resolve any issues involving them, such as lost or fake tickets. Tickets for ALL of our shows are sold through OR Tixoola ONLINE or IN PERSON at the club. The Dusty Armadillo has the right to CANCEL any ticket transactions that are suspected of being purchased for the sole purpose of reselling.


Night of the Show FAQ's:


Q. What do I need to get into the concert?
You must have a valid driver's license, concert ticket email (printed or digital) and meet the individual concert age restrictions.


Q. Can I reserve a table for the concert?

A. No, Our tickets are general admission, with limited seating (approx. 200 seats) filled on a first come, first served basis, please check your ticket for door times.


Q. If I have my ticket stub, can I go to my car and come back in during the concert?

A. No, once you leave the club, we cannot allow you to reenter the facility with a used ticket. Please make sure you have everything you need for the evening prior to entering the club (ie- phone, wallet, coat, etc.) You will have to purchase a new ticket, if the concert has not already SOLD OUT.


Q. Do you have food? How long is your kitchen open?

A. Yes, we have a full menu available. You can preview it at . Our kitchen remains open until 1am.


Q. Do you have any hotels nearby?

A. Yes, hotels are located one exit west on I-76 (about 7miles). You can see a list here:


Q. Are cabs available?

A. While there are cab companies that service our area, we have found service is quicker with Uber.


Q. Is there a place to put my coat?

A. We have a self-serve coat rack available to all who enter the club. You are welcome to hang your coat there, at your own risk.


Q. Can I leave my vehicle there overnight?

A. We will not tow vehicles left in our parking lot over night, you can leave a vehicle at your own risk.


Q. Can we tailgate before the concert?

A. No, Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the parking lot, or any other area outside of the building or patio.

Q. I know you are having a concert tonight that is sold out, but are you still open to the public even if you don't have a ticket to the concert?
You must have a ticket to attend the concert.  However, you can call 330-325-0647 and we can give you an approximate time that we will be open to the public after the concert.


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